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Welcome to Aunty's House, a community collective to connect and celebrate the South Asian diaspora in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


We believe that authentic representation matters and are committed to creating a space where we can come together, share experiences, culture, and celebrate our intersections.


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A Place for Authentic Representation, Empowerment & community healing ๐Ÿ˜Œ

There is such power in seeing representation. At Aunty's House, we aim to empower the South Asian diaspora to connect, reflect and heal to create a better future for us and future generations. 


This mahi will be fluid and move with the community that builds it.


We out here doing iconic things that need to be showcased. We envision engaging events, inspiring write-ups, vibrant photoshoots and transformative workshops, where we showcase our community's incredible talents and stories.

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